Supra Cables

Multi-award winning cables for connecting numerous types of hi-fi and AV equipment together, including:

Digital Video Cables: HDMI (v2.1 - both wired and fibre optic), DisplayPort, DVI

Digtal Audio Cables: USB (A-B, A-Mini B, A-Micro B), Cat 8 Ethernet (RJ45), Fibre Optic (standard TosLink and mini-TosLink), co-ax digital

Analogue Audio Cables: Hi-Fi (Sword, EFF-I, DAC-X, Dual), Audio (via Phono/RCA and 3.5mm mini-plug) and Turntable (Phono)

Power Cables: Factory-terminated LoRad Shielded Mains Cable (both 10 Amp and 16 Amp rated)

Loudspeaker cables: Single, biwired, buiamp, shielded types (Sword, Sword Excalibur, XL Annorum, Quadrax, Ply, Rondo, Classic)

Various terminations: CombiCon Banana, BFA and/or Spade types, various Phono/RCA plugs, BNC connectors

Many cable types available "off the reel"

(plus a few end of line cables such as Scart, Component video, RGB cables)

Supra Accessories

Shielded Mains Blocks: From 2-way up to 15-way (For UK, Europe, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, USA )

Ground Separators: Humbuster AGS-10K, plus coax aerial and F-Type

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This website is operated by Wavelength Distribution, to cater for consumer and trade demand for Supra products in the UK.

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